How to Flip a YouTube Video Horizontally?

how to flip youtube video

YouTube is the world-wide renowned platform for inline video sharing. YouTube has a lot of customizable options for playing videos but unfortunately flipping a video is not one of them. Which means that user cannot play flipped videos on YouTube.

But there’s still hope, you can still follow several other ways to flip or mirror youtube video very easily.

Following are two most commonly used ways to flip/mirror a YouTube video. Each of the following options is defined step by step for better understanding.

How to Flip a YouTube Video?

Using Google Chrome extension to flip a YouTube video

youtube video flipper

  • After successful installation, the extension shortcut will appear on the address meaning that it is now available for use

youtube video player intalled

  • Navigate to YouTube and play any video you want to flip.
  • You will notice a flip video icon on the right side of the YouTube video bar. Click that option

youtube flip video icon

  • You will notice that the video is now flipped horizontally.

Just like a subtitle/CC switch on the YouTube video bar, this button acts the same and can be easily enabled or disable with just a single click.

Note: you won’t have to reload the video every time you want to revert the changes. Just click on the flip video icon again to disable it.

Change “YouTube” URL with “mirrorthevideo”

  • Go to YouTube and play the video you want to be flipped.
  • In the address bar, you will find the URL of the video being played.

youtube video url

  • Replace the word “YouTube” from the video URL with the word “mirrorthevideo” and hit enter.

mirrorthevideo url on youtube

  • The page will take a moment to reload and once it’s done, you will notice that the entire video is now flipped including the video bar features as well.

Note: if you want to revert the changes then the only option left for you is to replay the video with its original YouTube URL

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Flipping a video option is not provided by YouTube itself. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot flip a video being played on YouTube. We have provided you two step by step solutions to do so. However, the first solution appears to be more suitable and easier to follow.


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