How to Turn off Avast Notifications?

How To Turn Off Avast Notifications

For this technologically advanced era, one can never be too safe. You are always at the edge of getting attacked. Hackers, malware and cybercriminals are always actively looking for the next prey and you never know when it can be you. In order to protect ourselves, we take all kinds of precautions ad antivirus software is one of them.

Having at least one, reliable antivirus software in your system is necessary to protect your data from getting hacked or destroyed. Avast is also one of the most famous antivirus software. But why do people avoid installing them despite having the threat of getting viruses? Because they are kind of annoying as they continuously show notifications and pop-ups on the screen.

The most annoying thing is the notifications are irrelevant to the protection of your device, mostly about premium features and others. So is there a way to prevent getting notifications and stay protected? Yes, for sure! You can stop Avast notifications and here is how.

How to Turn off Avast Notifications?

The guide is about Avast 19.8.2393 with UI version 1.0.437. In case your version is older, we recommend you to update it first.

  • Go to the taskbar, click on the Avast icon and launch it.

Open Avast

  • On the block appearing on the screen, click on Menu.

Menu Setting

  • Then select Settings.

Avast Setting

  • In settings, go to notification
  • There you need to check use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, alerts, and messages.

Avast Silent Mode

  • Further, you can uncheck Enable Avast sounds to silent the sounds.

After that, you will receive a confirmation message that the Silent mode is turned on. That means the notifications and popups are now restricted from showing on the desktop.

Security risks:

There could be one concern that either turning off notifications will prevent the software from detecting and removing the viruses from the files. To answer your query, there is less security risk involved with turning the notifications off.

Although turning off notification will turn off the security messages too. But the software will scan the files and generate alerts in the background. It means that any potential virus will be detected and removed without letting you know.

In order to keep an eye, you can open and check the alert once a week to see the updates. You might miss out on the type of virus detected and the files that caused it otherwise.

In case you don’t need Avast to keep running in the background, you can just turn the Avast off entirely and only use it when you want to.

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Avast is very useful and reliable software to protect your device from malware attacks. We keep downloading files from unknown sources without realizing that they could have a virus in them. To protect our data from being damaged in any way, it is compulsory to install an antivirus.



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