What Is prevNext? (14 Basic Properties & How to Enable)

what is prevnext

If you have any type of website, and you have posted multiple posts, shared multiple products, blogs, or a complete book with many chapters, you probably want to show the users one product or post at a time. In a book, you want the chapters to be in a sequence and the user should be able to navigate to the next or previous chapter easily at the end of each chapter.

Have you got it by now using the name? Do not worry if you have not and read on to know what it does exactly. Basically, PrevNext help user to navigate to through an inventory of content in a sequence.

Unlike a feed, where every post or content is on one page and the user can swipe till the end of it, it is smart to show the user individual posts and learn where their interest is most vivid.

And that is where PrevNext is a useful add-on for your website. It allows you to take the user to the next relevant page on your website and the user can easily follow through with them in the correct sequence.

Released March 1, 2016
License GPLv3
Developer goldsky
Supported Versions 2.2 – Current
Supported Database MySQL
Downloads 3.9k +

How to download prevNext addon?

You can simply download prevNext by clicking this Link or you can directly copy and paste MODX official site in your browser



How to use prevNext

The first step is to call PrevNext to further use its features. You should first call


PrevNext, once called, allows you to access many features which are listed below.

&sort &includeHidden
&prevPrefix &nextPrefix
&tvPrefix &tpl
&css &includeTVs
&includeTVList &processTVs
&processTVList &parents
&toArray &toPlaceholder

More info on prevNext

It gives you two main buttons, Previous and Next. The Previous button takes the user back a page in the index while the Next button takes them further.

There are two other ways to around this problem like providing a list of posts as an index in the sidebar of your website or adding the link of the next post in the sequence at the end of each post.

But these methods look as amateur as they sound, and have no attractive accommodation for your visitors. That is why large companies which are entirely based on their websites use PrevNext buttons at the end of each of their content. Take Google or Amazon for an example and admire their engaging features next time you visit them.

prevNext license and release information

The developer of prevNext is Goldsky. PrevNext’s first version was released in August 2014 while currently, the latest version is prevnext-1.0.1 which was released in March 2016. The add-on comes under the GPL v3 license. The supported database is MySQL and it has a minimum MODX requirement which is 2.2.


PrevNext can be a very useful add-on for your website and can be used to bring order to it while increasing page views. It can be helpful to get your traffic more focused on certain of your posts or products. If you have a book with chapters, you can suspect the pages where the interest of your audience is fluctuating.


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